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Friday 28.06 2019
1 pm


Risør Church 



Filling an entire concert with music almost entirely by the French master Francis Poulenc is a recipe for success! His music features Parisian finesse and a sophisticated sense of musical humour, but without the music being superficial. The pieces performed during this concert are from his earlier period, before he began focusing more on choir music and more serious work. All the same, Poulenc’s music never falls under a single label; his true genius lies in his musical two-sidedness. Melancholy may lurk behind the humour and the darkest music can be draped in perfumed elegance.

It may seem only natural to combine French music with even more French music but, as a member of the Les Six group of composers, Debussy was actually one of the composers who Poulenc aimed to confront. The contrasts are not as striking 100 years later. The ‘Rhapsody’, one of Debussy’s few pieces for solo instrument and orchestra, is rather atypical thanks to its musician-oriented charm, but nevertheless a work he was very satisfied with.

The concert will also include one of the absolute highlights of piano literature. Chopin created a new genre with his ballades for piano and the last and most extensive of the four is nothing short of epic perfection.

Concert order 

  • Francis Poulenc (1899 – 1963)

Trio for obo, fagott og klaver, FP43 (1926)




            Christoph Hartmann, obo, Martin Kuuskmann, fagott og Ingrid Andsnes, klaver


  • Francis Poulenc

Sonate for klarinett og fagott i D-dur, FP32a (1922)




            Matthew Hunt, klarinett og Martin Kuuskmann, fagott


  • Claude Debussy (1862 – 1918)

Première rhapsodie (1909 – 10)

Matthew Hunt, klarinett og Georgy Tchaidze, klaver


  • Frédéric Chopin (1810 – 1849)

Ballade nr. 4, op. 52 (1842, rev. 1843)

Georgy Tchaidze, klaver


  • Francis Poulenc

Sekstett for blåsere og klaver, FP100 (1932 – 39)

Allegro vivace: (Tres vite et emporte)

                       Divertissement: Andantino

                       Finale: Prestissimo

Christoph Hartmann, obo, Tom Ottar Andreassen, fløyte, Matthew Hunt, klarinett, Martin Kuuskmann, fagott, Julius Pranevicius, horn og Nils Anders Mortensen, klaver

ARENA: Risør church