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Herborg's Musical Tales

Friday, June 28 2024 8 pm

In this year’s festival lineup, storytelling takes the spotlight, a theme that strikes a chord with Herborg Kråkevik, an avid storyteller herself. Picture this concert as a journey where tales unfold through words and melodies alike.

Kråkevik will whisk you away with her own stories, snippets from music lore, and glimpses into the lives of artists throughout history. Accompanied by a talented crew of chamber musicians, expect a seamless blend of music and narrative that’ll keep you hooked from start to finish.

On the playlist, you’ll find classics by Mozart, Grieg, Bartók, and Kilar, alongside fresh tunes from Tine Thing Helseth and Kenneth Sivertsen. It’s a chance to soak up the magic of classical music wrapped in the warmth of storytelling—an experience not to be missed!

Herborg Kråkevik

Gunnar Flagstad – piano
Oda Holt Günther – violin
TBA – violin
Michael Grolid – viola
Sandra Lied Haga – cello
Frode Berg – double bass
Julian Bliss – clarinet
Tine Thing Helseth – trumpet

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VENUE: Risør Cultural Center