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Experience the hidden gems of Risør

When visiting Risør, known as the White City by the Skagerrak, during the Risør Chamber Music Festival, there’s a unique opportunity to explore and experience more than just music. Risør is a city rich in culture, history, and gastronomy, and a visit can enrich all senses.

Art, Culture and Culinary Experiences.

For those culturally inclined, Risør Kunstpark is a must-visit. Established in the early 1990s in what used to be Risør Gymnas, Kunstparken today stands as the heart of the Art City of Risør. This creative hub houses 14 studios for active artists and craftsmen, along with exhibition spaces and a cozy café. It is considered one of Southern Norway’s premier venues for contemporary art, crafts, and design, with a strong emphasis on enhancing the artistic environment through both regular lease agreements and the offer of studios connected to the city’s artist grants.

For those looking to indulge in local culinary experiences, a visit to Tollboden 1865 is highly recommended. With a philosophy that emphasizes the highest quality food, the chefs here work closely with local suppliers to offer the best of the season’s produce. The menu, although not the largest, is carefully composed to include delicacies such as trout, halibut, duck breast, and deer, all locally sourced and prepared with great care. Tollboden 1865 highlights Risør’s position as a culinary capital in Southern Norway.

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It is recommended that anyone planning a visit to Risør also take the time to explore more about the city through Visit Norway’s website. Here, one can find valuable information on everything Risør has to offer, from cultural gems to gastronomic experiences. Check out Visit Norway for more information on Risør and plan your visit for a complete experience of this charming city by the Skagerrak.

We encourage all our guests to visit Visit Norway’s website for information on Risør: