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Risør Chamber Music Festival 2024

Dear all,

To create and be creative, we need space – a place of our own that allows for every possibility and path we might explore. Space to make mistakes and space to choose a new direction.

Music, in all its forms, narrates our lives. It connects us and resonates within us in a genuine and personal way. Whether it’s explicitly narrative music with lyrics, or descriptions of relationships, events, or emotions. Music that is composed with great seriousness or as a jest. Music to be simply enjoyed or to  provoke and challenge, almost to the point of discomfort.

Narratives and stories

In this year’s program, we explore the rich narratives and stories within music. You’ll encounter the tale of young lovers in the dramatic piece “Transfigured Night,” witness the story of a soldier whose ambitions lead him astray in “The Soldier’s Tale,” and journey through the emotional and frosty landscapes of “Winterreise” – among many other captivating experiences. We delve into the origins of music, the lives of the composers, and the societies they belonged to. Our program offers a blend of solemnity and humor, the contemporary and the classic – and, most importantly, a welcoming space for all who wish to join us for an enchanting week in Risør!

co-artistic partner

This year, I have the pleasure of collaborating with an inspiring musician of immense knowledge, conductor Cathrine Winnes, as a co-artistic partner. Cathrine will present three concerts that shine a light on historical salons and private living rooms, explaining how these spaces have influenced the music we cherish.

Exceptional musicians

In our well-known tradition, we welcome exceptional musicians from both domestic and international stages. Some are new faces, while others are returning favorites. Marc-André Hamelin, Julian Bliss, and Kristine Balanas have all previously achieved great success in Risør, whereas Maximilian Hornung, Roderick Williams, and Yeol Eum Son are eagerly looking forward to their first visit to the festival. Additionally, we will be joined by Herborg Kråkevik, Helge Jordal, Mathias Eick, the Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra, Johanna Rudström, and many more.

A celebration

Music will resonate through Risør Church, Risørhuset, the Salvation Army, Hollenderhagen, and notably, maintain the longstanding tradition of a major concert at Stangholmen. Attendees will enjoy close encounters during the intimate house concerts, and there will be free concerts daily in the town square. This festival is a celebration for the whole city!

I am honored to be the artistic director of this extraordinary festival and eagerly anticipate days filled with unparalleled experiences! Welcome to the festival, and welcome to Risør! Tine Thing Helseth, Artistic Director